8 Popular reasons why German shepherd good with kids?

 If you are a family person than before owing a German shepherd the first question in your mind must be Are German shepherd good with kids? Or is it safe to owe a German shepherd in a family with little kids? 

 If you are looking for the answers then you’re on the right track.

 It is important to do research before bringing a dog or say a new member of a family; especially when it comes to buying a large-sized German shepherd dog. 

 To make this decision first you definitely wanted to be sure that your choice is child family. Is it safe to have a German shepherd with kids?

Is a German shepherd child friendly?

The answer you’re looking for is, YES! German shepherds are child-friendly dogs, they even enjoy the company of little children if they are trained and socialized enough. 

 The German shepherds are an intelligent breed especially when it comes to loyalty and family protection. They are considered good family dogs because of their caring temperament and calm behavior.

We can tell you eight good reasons why a German shepherd is a perfect dog for the family?

8 good reasons why a German shepherd is a good family dog?

  1. Intelligence: German shepherd is one of the intelligent dog breeds. As you can see, most of the police dogs are German shepherds all around the world. Because of their intelligence, they are fast and easy leaner. You can easily train them for anything.
  2. High energy level: German shepherds are energetic dogs; it’s not easy to make them tired. You and your children can play with them as much as they want. They are always eager for playing and running. 
  3. Respect their owner: nature of the German shepherd dog towards their owner is always very caring and possessive if they are properly trained. If you have trained the well they always respect you and obey your orders. GSDs also have a protective nature; they won’t let any foreign intruder harm you.
  4. Guard Dog: GSDs are one of the top guard dog breeds. As you can see they are serving as Police and military dogs for years. It’s in their nature to protect their owner and family. If you owe a German shepherd then they will be on the first line to guard you and your family against your enemies.  
  5. Friendly with a companion: Dogs have a wonderful memory to remember faces. They have very nice and sweet gestures towards their family and not with strangers. But as they can remember faces, they can serve as an ideal companion.
  6. Good with children:  If you give proper socialization training from an early age; the German shepherd’s behavior towards children will be lovely and playful. It is all about proper training with love and care. But make sure when your German shepherd eating or trying to live alone, do not let your children play with them. 
  7. Flexible lifestyle: German shepherds can easily adapt to any lifestyle; this is one of the amazing things about German shepherds. You can plan your day however you want, your GSD will just adjust itself. 
  8. Health: German shepherds are active body dogs. They need at least 30 to 40 minutes of exercise daily. So walking and playing with your German shepherd will eventually make you healthy.  

I think these reasons are enough to make you a German shepherd lover. If you adopt a GSD and make part of your family; you will definitely see positive changes in your lifestyle.

If something is good that does not mean it cannot be harmful in some ways. There are a few cons about having a German shepherd around babies. So, what are the cons to having a German shepherd around kids?

Cons of having German shepherd around the kids

  • German shepherds are very loud as they are a breed of herding dogs. They do a lot of bark, howl, or say speak for various reasons. It is of course not so big a threat to kids but can disrupt the peace at home.
  • Small babies are not a fan of loud noises. You can’t tell when is a German shepherd starts barking; a sudden bark can easily scare the small children and babies. It is all up to you to train your GSD to obey your commands like “Quiet”.
  • The GSDs are originally used for herding and guarding against old times. It is in their blood to herd the sheep. This talent is a kind of a problem for children in the home. 
  • You must be thinking are German shepherds aggressive with kids? Nipping at your kid’s ankles is not an aggressive behavior, but as your children run with loud notices can active their herding sheep instinct. So they try to herd them by chasing and nipping on their ankles. It can lead to some small injuries.

If you properly train your German shepherd from an early age, you can surpass these setbacks easily. Training is mandatory for any kind of dog you want to own. Otherwise, you might face some problems in the future. 

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How to train kids for German shepherds?

Before teaching your kids how to play with the German shepherd, first teach them to respect the German shepherd. They should know what types of behaviors are tolerable and what is not. This can effectively help your children to bond with your GSD.

 You should establish some rules to interact with your kids with a German shepherd. Rules like:

  • Ask for permission if they want to play with the dog. 
  • Strictly prohibited them to ride on GSD’s back, it can cause pain. 
  • Do not pull the ear, skin, and tail of a German shepherd, it can trigger aggressiveness.
  • Minimize the noises like banging or shouting around the German shepherd as much as possible.
  • Always approach your dog slowly, do not run at them; it may scare your German shepherd.
  • Also do not run away from GSD, otherwise, it can trigger their prey drive sense.
  • Let him take his meal peacefully; don’t disturb him when he’s eating.

Dogs are not so different than children, so it is up to you how to train them to behave properly. Teach your kids these rules and show them how they can interact with your dog. 

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Frequently asked question

Why German shepherds are not good family dogs?

 German shepherds are family dogs only if trained properly. You cannot tell about the behavior of a German shepherd until you start living with them. If your GSD is not properly trained from an early age then he may not be a good family dog for you. 

Are German shepherds good around a newborn?

 Yes, German shepherds are good around babies but they are still animals so do not leave them alone and caution is necessary. Only let your germane shepherd around your baby if he’s old (familiar), calm, and well trained.  

How do I introduce my German shepherd to my baby?

First, take your child around the GSD slowly and allow the dog to come near willingly. Avoid giving treats and toys in the first impression, use other ways to interact. Before petting let the dog sniffs your child. Sense of smell for dogs is like greetings in their world. Never leave your child alone with the dog especially when they’re new to each other.


Dogs’ love is unconditional. it does not matter if you are a child, young or old their love will never end for you. 

 In this article, we discussed Are German shepherds good with children? Also, we discussed is German shepherd is a family dog? How to train children for German shepherds?

 German shepherd behaves properly around everyone it trained properly. It is up to you how you train them.

If you have any quarry about the behavior of German shepherds then feel free to ask in the comment section. Also do not forget to give us feedback in the comment section below.

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