At what age do German shepherd puppies start teething?

Teething in German shepherd puppies is not so different than human babies. Just like babies, puppies also have baby teeth. But you should be prepared if you only experienced baby teething cause puppy teething is hard when it comes to playing with them.

When the GSDs are puppies they like to chew everything which is in their sight to relieve their sore teeth and gums.

In the teething process, chewing plays a huge part but there are some things about which you should be aware and by knowing them you can easily help your German shepherd puppy to get through this age.

What is the teething stage of a German shepherd puppy?

If you see some blood spots in your German shepherd pup’s toys, any blood stains on your carpet or any loose tooth on the floor then don’t be afraid. It is completely normal at this age when they start teething.

But what is the expected age of starting and stopping teething? And how long is a puppy’s teething phase?

What are the stages of puppy teething?

At what age German shepherd’s baby teeth coming through? Here are some explained stages about the time when can you expect the teething in your German shepherd puppy.

1. First Stage

There is no doubt that every dog is born without teeth. The German shepherd puppy’s teeth start coming through between 15 to 20 days after being born. The time of teeth coming through is the same as when they start opening their eyes.

Most German shepherd owners never get the chance to see their GSD baby pup’s teething stage because they don’t leave their mother until the age of 2 months.

This is the order of teeth coming through in German shepherd:

(a) Front teeth are first to appear in their little mouth.

(b) Canine teeth came through when they start the solid meal.

(c) Pre-molars are last to appear after that they stop coming through.

The whole duration in which the German shepherd gets all 28 teeth is 2 months.

2. Second Stage

If you have a question like what are the worst puppy teething months? Then the answer is 3 to 4 months age. At the age of 3 months, a German shepherd puppy started to grow adult and starts teething. This is called the teething phase. From this stage, they no longer have the milk teeth as they start growing the adult teeth. This is an intense and painful time for a GSD pup.

So the question is when do German shepherds lose their baby teeth?

As they starts teething at the age of 3 months they started to lose their milk teeth which fall out. The number of milk teeth in a German shepherd pup is 28 teeth. When they grow old those 28 milk teeth are completely replaced by 32 strong adult teeth.

3. Third Stage

When do German shepherds stop teething?

At the age of almost 8 months, the German shepherd puppies stop teething. The age of teething of German shepherds is flexible so they can stop teething even before 8 months and some can possibly even after.

The adult teeth of a German shepherd take a long time to grow compared to their milk teeth. So it is considered that a German shepherd should stop teething at the age of 8 months. But don’t be surprised if it takes longer than that, all the dogs have a unique body.

What are the signs of teething in germane shepherd puppies?

The first sign you will experience about teething in your German shepherd is chewing everything they see in their surroundings. Other than that you can witness these changes in your GSD pup:

  1. You can see blood on the toys of your pup, which they chew to relieve themselves from the pain.
  2. If you notice around the floor, near his food bowl, or in their toys might find their cute little baby teeth which fell out from his mouth. This is an obvious sign of teething.
  3. Another sign of teething is drooling where you might probably see more saliva than usual falling from his mouth.
  4. The gums of the German shepherd pup started to look sore because of the pushing of adult teeth. So, the red gums are also a sign of teething in GDS.
  5. The body of a GSD pup may get a little hot by fever in some cases, which is completely normal in teething.

The process of teething is painful for puppies which might affect their behavior. They get a little irritated. So it is best to distract them with toys and treats.

These are the sign you can experience in a GSD pup in their teething age. But what if they chew too much when teething? How can you stop your German shepherd puppy chewing when teething?

How to stop a German shepherd puppy chewing when teething?

The chewing during teething can relieve their pain so much but it is harmful to their upcoming adult teeth and gums. So you must keep them away from chewing.

Here are some ideas:

  • Chewing the frozen veggies (Like carrot) or a cube of ice can help as well as chewing the toys. The frozen items help to soothe the gums of the pups.
  • You should keep your expensive furniture away from the reach of your GSD pup because nothing can stop a teething GSD pup from chewing things coming on his way.
  • Exercising your puppy is the best thing you can do. The daily couple of walks can help their body to handle the pain of teething.
  • Keep one thing in mind; never let your German shepherd get bored. The bored GSD can be very destructive, so it is better to keep him mentally and physically busy in the time teething.
  • Do not let them chew rawhide; it is dangerous for the puppies and can cause choking.

Note: If you see your teething GSD in so much pain or experience anything unusual then take him to your veterinarian without any delay.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I give my puppy ice cubes for teething?

Chewing the ice cube in the teething phase is the best pain reliever during the months of teething. It helps the puppies to relieve the sore gums. Although some puppies don’t like ice cubes you can replace them with other frozen items like frozen carrots.

Do puppies eat less when teething?

In the period of teething the German shepherd puppies are mostly in pain and in the high chances of getting sick. The sick boys can cause a decrease in appetite unusual stools or Upset belly. But don’t worry it does not remain longer. If it did and it concerns you then you can consult with your veterinarian about this.

Do puppies swallow their baby teeth?

The Puppies are just like the human child in their teething age. In teething age, the most likely chances are you can find their baby teeth on the floor or embedded with toys but it also has equal chances that your pup swallows some of his teeth harmlessly while eating.

Do puppies lick a lot when teething?

The reason behind licking a lot during the period of teething is to relieve themselves from the pain of sore gums. So you will notice they lick their lips a lot during the teething.

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The little German shepherd pups face so much pain in their teething period and you have to take care of them.

In this article, we discussed what is the teething age of a German shepherd puppy? , what are the stages of teething in German shepherd? We also discussed the signs of teething in a German shepherd puppy.

If you have any queries regarding the teething of the German shepherd then feel free to ask in the comment section. Also if you enjoyed this article then do not forget to give us your valuable feedback below.

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