6 Tips for German Shepherd Super Shiny Coat

If you want a super Shiny coat for your German shepherd dog. Well stay tuned I am going to being giving you pro tips on how to get super shiny and glossy coat for you dog.

I had seen most of the beautiful dogs we could imagine and I’ve learned some tips and tricks on just how to get that Shiny coat for your German shepherd dog.

If your dog is healthy then his coat will be Shiny, we had discussed some most important point below which will help you to get your dog’s coat shiny.

Six Tips for Super Shiny GSD coat

I am sharing some most important tips that includes dogs diet to brush your dogs daily which is mentioned below:

1. Check your dog’s diet

If your dog getting the proper nutrients, he needs from his food read that ingredient label and check it out and see what’s actually in the dog’s food that you’re feeding are there things that you could be adding weekly daily to his dog through that will help bring out that natural shine that he has within him just like humans.

We all combate bit from vitamins and supplements and one supplement we swear by is salmon oil this is lux oil which is salmon oil in and what we’ll do is add one to two tablespoons every other day to their dog food.

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2. Rake your dog

This product it’s called an undercoat brush and what you do is you brush your dog and what it does with these little bristles it’ll break the undercoat deep deep undercoat all that idiot gray stuff.

It’ll break it out so all this stuff you see here that is the undercoat this is what she’s causing your dog to be gray dingy and not shiny

3. Shampoo your dog

Now there’s lots of shampoos on the market that’s not really too picky about which one you choose but what you really want to concentrate on is one that has ingredients not going to strip your dog’s natural oils out from under its skin.

The most important thing here is not shampooing your dog it’s the motion you use with shampooed your dog you want to use nice circular motions it’s gonna massage all that dingy undercoat out and it’ll really reveal the natural top coat that has the shine.

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4. Blow-drying your dog

Right after you shampoo your dog what you’re going to want to do is blow dry your dog thoroughly until he’s completely dry and the motion that you use is really gonna be effective in getting that undercoat out of the dog’s coat.

5. Brush your dog daily

Now you can tie this in with the morning feeding ritual what you do is to keep the brush right next to the food bowl and every time your dog eats just do a nice maintenance brush on your dog.

we use a brush mentioned below as a daily maintenance brush and what this is really good at doing is distributing the natural oils of the dog’s coat throughout the dog as you brush.

6. Sheen and Paddle your dog

we use a Amazon product mentioned below, I can link one down below that’s similar it’s a horse Sheen and this stuff is super super super greasy. So a little goes a long way and what you want to do is make sure it’s evenly distributed throughout the coat.

This is after blow-drying this is actor brushing mini conjunction with this chain we use something called I brush and what you’re going to do is brush your dog’s coat in one direction and this after you spray the sheet.


In this article we shared our experience for super shiny German shepherd coat. In those Six tips you can do with a scheduled basis for wellness of your dog.

I hope you find our article related to German Shepherd Tips for Super Shiny Coat. If you find our article helpful for you please do share it with your friends.

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