What temperature is too hot for a German shepherd?

Heat tolerance Capacity in German shepherd:If you know much about the dogs then you must be aware of the fact that German shepherds are a herding breed known for their courage, loyalty, and excellent guarding ability.

So these dogs have so much more tolerance than any other dog breed.

But the question is what the heat tolerance limit of a German shepherd is? Can German shepherds survive in a too hot environment?

So the answer you’re looking for is – YES! They can live in a hot temperature but in certain conditions.

How does a German shepherd control their body temperature?

GSD is a highly active and energetic dog breed. They like playing and running which produces so much heat and sweat. German shepherd manages their body temperature by panting and sweating through their paws.

The puppies of German shepherds do not have much heat tolerance as the adult ones do.

What temperatures can a German shepherd tolerate heat?

The German shepherd dogs are high tolerance for cold. But if you’re thinking what temperature can German Shepherds be in? Then the answer is; they can live in warm temperature areas but for that, they need some additional care.

In summer the German shepherd can tolerate weather even when the temperature lies between 70° to 78° Fahrenheit.

If you ask Can a German shepherd live in tropical areas? In the tropical areas around the globe where the temperature goes up to around 90° Fahrenheit, you need to take care of your German shepherd a little extra.

If we talk about tropical areas then the first name that comes to mind is Arizona State. Can a German shepherd live in Arizona? Arizona State has humid and warm weather. There you have to make some extra effort to keep safe your German shepherd from dehydration, heat waves, etc. they exhaust early in warm areas.

Can German Shepherds overheat easily?

In the summer times when the sun is bright than other days, it is normal for anyone to get overheat. In the case of dogs walking and playing in the noon can quickly make them overheat.

The German shepherd’s upper half is black which makes him more vulnerable than other dogs. The black color absorbs more heat than any other pigment. At that time the temperature of the ground also gets hot, avoid taking walks on concrete during the sunny days.

How hot is too hot for dogs?

In the summer if the temperature goes beyond 95° Fahrenheit (35° C) then it can be too hot for a German shepherd. Normally German shepherd can tolerate 80 to 85° F. in 95° F you have to make so much extra effort to protect your GSD pup, especially if he’s double-coated.

Make sure he doesn’t get dehydrate; it can make him very sick. Provide him cool water and good food frequently.

Can German Shepherds live outside in summer?

If the temperature is appropriate for German shepherd’s then they can live outside. In summer the GSD pups can only live outside if the temperature is 70 to 77° F maximum.

For double-coated dogs, the temperature should be less than the normal one. Be sure they did not live under the sun all day. It can affect their health.

At night it is not much to worry about because they didn’t get the direct heat from the sun; which affects them more. But still do not forget to give them water frequently to keep them hydrated.

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Overheating of German shepherd

Do German Shepherds overheat easily? There are some signs mentioned below that tell you about the overheating of German shepherds.

What are the signs my German shepherd is overheating?

When the dogs play too much, get excited, or even from any sort of infection, their body temperature normally rises. But if the temperature goes over 103° F then it is subject to concern.

If you’re concerned about your German shepherd and thinking how do I know if my dog is too hot?

If you see your dog in the condition where he’s frantically panting or he’s in extreme salivation, heavy breathing is some clear sign that your dog is overheated. In that, condition the body temperature of your German shepherd can easily rise to 108° Fahrenheit.

How to avoid German shepherds overheating?

Some tips help your dog if he gets overheated.

  1. Give him fresh water in every short period.
  2. Keep your dog inside when the temperature rises over 130° F.
  3. Do not exercise your German shepherd in hot temperatures. It will make him worse.
  4. Keep your home cool on warm days. Make sure to install a temperature alarm in your house.
  5. The double coat of a German shepherd can provide isolation. But it makes a GSD more vulnerable to overheating
  6. If you have a dark German shepherd then you have to keep him in special care. A dark coat absorbs heat faster on a sunny day.

Note: If your dog is looking sick and heat-sensitive then contact your veterinarian and provide him proper medical care.


The sunny days are not only harsh for humans but also our beloved dogs. In this article, we informed you about how the summer season can affect your dog. We discussed what the heat tolerance capacity of a German shepherd is and can German shepherd live outside in the heat.

We also discussed the overheating problems faced by the dogs in summer. About that, we informed you what are the signs of overheating in German shepherd and how can we keep cool the German shepherd in summer, also what are the precautions we can take during hot days to keep our German shepherd cool.

Hope you find this article useful. If you have any questions about the heat tolerance capacities of a German shepherd then feel free to ask in the comment section below. Also do not forget to give us your valuable feedback.

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