Step By Step Guide: How to bathe your German shepherd Dog

Getting your German shepherd to bath can be a challenge. Have you tried getting them into the tub or even keeping them still in the garden with the hose pointed at them or a bucket of water by their side?

They will most likely wants a run away before you try to wrangle them for a bath.

How often you should bathe your German shepherd?

Read these tips first or you may end up getting wetter than them. Frequency unlike other breeds German Shepherds don’t need to bathe often in fact its best that they only need to bathe a day in every 3 to 4 months.

Why you should not bathe German shepherd frequently?

German shepherd have a dual coat skin. The Top coat skin and under coat skin. The top coat is for protect them from dust, sun exposure and other particles.

Where As the undercoat protect them from cold weather during winter season and heat of summer season.

Their double coat contains the natural oils which are good for their skin and bathing frequently just remove those oils from their skin, which may cause their skin to get dry and irritated.

The skin of German shepherds are clean and odor free so there’s not much of a need to bath them daily.

During flea season you can bath your German shepherd more often to control any pests. In addition if your dog has a bit of a Pungent scent in the summer, you can bathe him every two months and if Your German Shepherd please out in the open and get dirty you may consider bathing more often.

Why brushing is important for German shepherd?

Brushing as another factor that would determine how often you bathe your German Shepherd. If you brush your dog’s hair 3-4 times a week this will lessen the amount of shedding and remove dirt that gets trapped in their coat. Brushing also makes their coat healthier and shinier.

Basics Bathing Tips for German shepherd

  1. Make sure you use warm and not so hot water for your German shepherd’s bath.
  2. Start from the neck working away towards the tail end use enough water to reach the undercoat.
  3. Lather shampoo onto a washcloth and start from the top of the head. Making sure the shampoo doesn’t reach his eyes. Going to the chest and legs then his sides scrub in circular motion with your fingers so that the shampoo reaches the undercoat.
  4. You can also do long strokes like a massage that German shepherd surely enjoy. Lastly lather shampoo onto your dog’s head.
  5. Thoroughly, wash off your German shepherd and you may want to repeat the step to ensure that all the suds are removed from the under coat and any crevices if a residue is left and it dries up this can cause skin irritation.
  6. This is the part where you get wet as they shake off all the excess water. Rub him with a towel to dry off faster you’ll probably need at least two towels to finish up the job.
  7. Brush their Coat well to make it shiny. You can also use a high velocity dryer but make sure it’s not too hot and blow dry in the direction of hair growth otherwise blowing back and forth can lead to Matting.
  8. German Shepherds don’t really need haircuts but if your dog’s coat is getting out of hand then a light trim of their coat could help them in the warmer months.

Other bathing Information

  1. Get your German shepherd used to bathing early on. The sooner they get used to this ritual, they won’t be as fussy, and will be quite comfortable with it. As puppies, they can start bathing as young as three weeks.
  2. Get a brand of shampoo that is made for dogs, as their “PH” is quite different from humans. An organic shampoo, or at the very least, a gentle shampoo will do. Harsher shampoo can strip their natural oils or make their skin dry.


In this article we discussed about how to arrange a proper bath for German shepherd dogs. Also we discussed about why the brushing is important for German shepherd and basic bathing tips included in this article.

I hope you will find this article helpful for you. If you have any query regarding this article related to German shepherd bathing tips and other information regarding to German shepherd dogs.

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