How to train a German shepherd puppy?

Training a German shepherd dog is not an easy task, Because to Train a German shepherd puppy at the early age is sometimes difficult for the first time dog owners because they really don’t understand the behavior of the puppy.

What are German Shepherds breed for?

The name says it all. Originally, they were raised to raise sheep, and to be big and loud enough to stop predators from coming in. We might think they are the ultimate police dog because they are so great to protect and look for but deep down, they still have the instincts to move sheep around.

In addition to being one of the foremost loyal dog breeds, they’re also working dogs that generally enjoy learning. Because German Shepherds have all these good traits of being extremely smart, athletic, and wanting to please, they’re very versatile and trainable animals. Their name says everything.

German shepherd Behaviors

They can get activated if something is moving around them. Some GSDs are aggressive or reactive and it may take years before they learn to relax around other dogs in a calm manner.

While other German Shepherds have excellent dog social experiences from the beginning and may mix in with other dogs on a whim and quickly devour their training basics. So it depends on the dog behaviors of how much time it will require to train them.

It takes somewhere between 8 to 12 weeks to train a German shepherd to learn basic commands.

Usually, most 20-week old German shepherd puppies are house trained, crates trained, and understand a couple of basic commands if you’ve trained them correctly.

How to train a German shepherd Dog

I had marked Seven steps below to learn how you can easily train your German shepherd Puppy so read them carefully!

1. Start early and remain consistent with your expectations.

You will find different perceptions about this in different articles. But you can start your training of basic instructions when you get them/adopt them.

2. Use reward-based training.

Rewards-based training can help them recognize the good things very easily. It can also be treats or praises from you. Remember when you try to control them with anger it will become more difficult for you and them too. But it will try to control them or make them disciple with love and care, it will be an easy and fun process for both you and your newly lovable pet.

3. Offer your puppy another option when they begin jumping on you for attention.

When your small and cute puppy will try jumping on you. You can find that behavior quite cute. But it is important to make them trained about no to jump because it will become difficult for you in their growing process. Try to ignore their behavior. You can offer them a toy to chew when they want to jump on you. Or else play some games or tasks which will be equivalent for them as jumping.

4. Redirect bad German shepherd puppy behavior.

It is important to discipline their behavior in the training age to avoid headaches in the future. But it is also important to not punish them or be aggressive with them. It can affect their peace. Increase your patience while training and try to tell them what you actually want from them.

5. Keep your pup from nipping and chewing.

Prevent your puppy from nipping and chewing on the furniture or on you. There should always be a chewing toy for them that they can use. Show them and train them accordingly.

6. Rewards

Reward your dog for his all-good behavior. And try to ignore him whenever he will behave badly. Give good instructions and whenever they follow everything you say to try to be good and friendly with them.

7. Feed your dog like a pro

Try to prevent their food bowl aggression. Pet them when they are eating. Rewards them with food on their good behavior. Make them train for the eating, train them to ask for more food and wait until you give them.

Remember psychology is everything.

Not only in humans but also for everyone. They don’t seek anything other than love from you. So be a good trainer. As it is not the test of how good your dog is, but it is the test of you as well of how good a trainer you are. They look up to you, they follow you.

It is the process that will ultimately give the result. It will not happen overnight and you have to be very patient in this process. The training of puppies not only teaches them but will also be helpful for you to be patient which will eventually help you in your daily life.


This article is all about train a German shepherd puppy to follow the owners command and listen to the their owners. In those Seven steps we had cleared all your mindset about basic German shepherd puppy training.

I hope you find this article helpful for you. If you have any query or doubt related to German shepherd dog then please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section. Do share with your friends. Thank You!

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