How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting?

Train a German shepherd puppy to stop biting: Training the German shepherd puppies is a really hard task because puppies are like human kids. Whatever you taught at an early age, they will behave the same as what you taught, So German shepherd training is really important for their dog owners.

If you also want to train your German shepherd puppy to stop biting at an early age then you should follow this step-by-step guide to train the dog.

Reasons behind Puppy biting

Dog biting is very common in every puppy because at an early age because at this age the puppy is growing and they start teething. So their inner jaws start paining. And due to the lack of calcium and other vitamins, they start biting at an early age.

There are many products in the market that can fulfill their requirement of calcium and vitamins which helps the puppies to stop biting in some cases. But if your puppy is showing unnecessarily aggressiveness then the reasons for that with solutions are given below.

Why are German shepherd puppies so aggressive?

You may have felt sometimes that your German shepherd puppy is not behaving properly and are showing constant napping behavior. Then you don’t have to feel so bad for yourself – it happens to most people.

The notorious behavior of your German shepherd is common for their breed, although because of your puppy’s behavior you definitely hurt with bite marks of their sharp teeth, your arms must have been covered with bruises and scratches.

Reasons Behind Aggressiveness in German shepherd puppies.
  • The strong Pray Drive is a one of the reasons for the aggressive behavior of the puppies; they are very active to perform in a moment. If you notice sometimes how easily they captures the critters in the grass.
  • Your body parts like arms, ankles, and legs become the easy for them to turn into a pray drive. And when they try to come near you and you move away your hand then it will increase their nip and they start damaging your skin.
  • The German shepherds are a herding breed. The puppies of German shepherds like to chase and collect the moving things.
  • All the German shepherd puppies like to explore their own mouth. German shepherd puppies’ nipping is a normal behavior which every puppy experience. However, unlike the other breeds the German Sheppard’s behavior is more intense
  • The Poor environment is also a reason for the intense behavior of the puppy. The excessive nipping may be an sign of a puppy raised in a very poor environment.

If you think your German shepherd puppy is showing signs of aggressiveness then you should follow these suggestions.

Ways to stop German shepherd from stop biting.

There are so many best ways to keep your pup under control and handle his nipping behavior. You can control them with these solutions.

  • By providing those special chewing toys will be very helpful. Chewing toys put a barrier between your hands and their teeth. So they will empty all their bites on that toy.
  • Using the partition gates will keep the pups under discipline. Remember to use the partition gate of enough size which can prevent the German shepherd from jumping over and try to bite you.
  • When your puppy bites you, then say OUCH! Firmly. You can use this technique to stop your pup from biting you.
  • Saying ouch will not only get their attention but it will also affect on their mates from stop nipping.
  • If they consciously bite you and nip you then simply say OUCH! And leave the room immediately.
  • Keep repeating this process until those little shepherds learn the discipline.
  • Don’t encourage them for their aggressive biting by responding to their nipping. Just ignore them.
  • Distract your dogs from biting and nipping by exercising them properly, so they don’t have extra energy to bite you.

These are some steps from which you can control your German shepherd’s biting and nipping habits.


In this article, we informed you about How to train your German shepherd puppy to stop biting. Also, we discussed why German shepherd puppies behave aggressively. These tips will help you to make a happy and cheerful relationship with your little pup.

Always keep your dog under your control and don’t let him continue with these behaviors. Try to make a better understating between your pup. The German shepherd dogs are really fun, full of joy, and loyal if you train them properly.

Hope you liked our article and we hope it was helpful for you. If you find this article helpful then please give us feedback in the comment section below.

Also if you have any questions or queries regarding the biting of the German shepherd then you can feel free to ask.

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